May 27th, 2024, while many of us were celebrating Memorial Day, Belwood was mourning the loss of a beloved friend and family member. Edward passed away on May 27th, 2024, after a long struggle with cancer and mental illness.

Edward joined us five years ago after spending time in prison. He courageously faced schizophrenia and learned to manage it. Edward was kind, very funny, quick-witted, outspoken, and delightfully sassy. He enjoyed listening to music and attending events. Despite his poor health, he always showed his sweet side with kind words. Edward was part of our family, and we were his. His life reminded us of the reality of mental illness and the importance of proper medication and care. Everyone needs to feel loved.

In his honor, we took Edward’s closest friends to the movies. His best friend, Chris, made a toast as we enjoyed snacks and watched “The Fall Guy” on the big screen.