New Dawns Counseling

A Division of American TelePsychiatry®
Affiliated with American Telehealthcare®

Dear Visitor:

Thank you for visiting our website.  New Dawns  Counseling (“New Dawns”) serves children, adolescents and adults with mental health needs. Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, advanced practice nurse prescribers, pharmacists, and mental health counselors provides an array of services and therapies that address mental disorders, emotional problems, relationship issues, existential crises, and personal growth concerns.

All our services are provided virtually via telehealth.  Clients may see our providers either from a physical location – such as their home, hospital, nursing home, school, office, assisted living facility, or from our outpatient mental health clinics (which are licensed under Wisconsin DHS 35). The providers themselves are cloud-based.  Connection between the client and the provider is achieved using a proprietary platform owned by our affiliates American TelePsychiatry® and American Telehealthcare®.  Besides audio and video-conferencing, the platform includes a robust and intuitive EMR (electronic medical records) system for documentation of client demographics and medical notes, and a module for billing and collection for payment of services.

At  New Dawns  Counseling , our goal is to help each individual work through existential problems they may be facing – either temporary or, for persons with chronic mental illness, long-term.  At one time or another in our lives, all of us are faced with personal struggles – such as depression, anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, dependence.  These may also be accompanied by co-occurring substance use problems. We promise to engage you in reflection designed to make you aware of your inner self, to achieve and maintain recovery, and to “imagine and realize a new you”.

Patricia M. Faulhaber, RN, MSN

Executive Vice President/COO


The programs and services provided by our agency, as described herein, are subsidized by the Milwaukee Country Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In addition to significant financial support, DHHS also provide our agency with advice and guidance pertaining to program development, quality assurance, compliance, and related matters.