Clinical/Program Services

  New Dawns   Counseling, directly and through its affiliates, provides the complete spectrum of behavioral healthcare services required by clients suffering from mental health and substance use disorders. Our skilled and compassionate healthcare providers include Psychiatrists, Addictionologists, Clinical Psychologists, Counselors, Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners, and Pharmacists. We also make referrals to physician specialists and other healthcare providers, such as Neurologists and Diagnostic Imaging Centers, in appropriate cases. Our goal is to provide individualized services to persons suffering from behavioral healthcare disorders in order to help them reclaim their lives and become happy and productive members of society.

Examples of specific services we provide include:

  1. Initial Psychiatric/Mental Health Assessment.
  2. Plan of care based on the assessment.
  3. Medication evaluation, monitoring and ongoing management.
  4. Suboxone services.
  5. Alzheimer’s Disease management.
  6. Bipolar Disease Management.
  7. Schizophrenia services.
  8. SUD (substance use disorders) services.
  9. Psychological Testing.
  10. Autism services.
  11. Residential emergency and acute detoxification services – through our Milwaukee Detox Center –
  12. Residential treatment services for substance abuse disorders through our Matt Talbot Men’s Center, Second Century Center and Jeannetta Robinson House – operated by our Matt Talbot Recovery Services, Inc. –
  13. Residential treatment services for persons suffering from complex and persistent psychiatric disorders through our residential community-based facilities – and
  14. Re-entry and community re-integration services for dually-diagnosed (mental health and substance abuse) ex-felons through CBRFs (Community-Based Residential Facilities) and THS (Transitional Housing Services) through Genesis Behavioral Services, Inc. (
  15. Residential treatment services for persons suffering from physical or mental health disabilities – through our