Our Platform – Telehealth

  New Dawns   Counseling uses electronic information and telecommunications technologies to connect over long distances patients to healthcare professionals providing counseling services. We use state-of-the-art video-conferencing hardware and software to change the location where healthcare services are routinely provided. Our cloud-based, proprietary platform dramatically improves access to services by patients, makes healthcare professionals more efficient and productive, and reduces costs across the system.

The primary service that is enabled by our platform is real-time telehealth, whereby an instantaneous interface takes place between the psychiatrist or other provider and the patient. The technology for creating the interface is videoconferencing using robust hardware and HIPAA-compliant software to link the patient and the professional. Our proprietary platform is entirely electronic, including not simply the cloud-based face-to-face meeting between the patient and the healthcare professional, but also Electronic Medical Records (EMR) (including electronic exchange of information and charts among providers), electronic transmission of prescriptions to pharmacies, and electronic billing for services rendered.